The Non-Profit Organization with the name "REACT GREECE", located in Moschato, Attica, at Galaksidiou 2. Is organizing a raffle in order to raise funds for its programs and initiatives.

The proceeds that will be collected will support the creation and operation of the organization's programs with the following terms & conditions of participation which will be posted and constantly updated during the Lottery, at www.react-eu.org official website which serves the purposes of the electronic distribution of lots (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"). 

The purpose of this is to determine the terms of participation in the Lottery, as well as the relative promotion of the winners in this context. 


A. Duration of the Lottery

The duration of the Lottery is defined from 15/06/2021 and time 00:01 until 14/02/2022 and time 23:59 

It is explicitly clarified that, after the end of the Lottery on February 14, 2021 or the new date, set after any postponement or change of the duration of the Lottery, entries are no longer possible. In such a case, the new date will be announced on the official website of the Organization. 


B. Eligibility and manner of participation in the Lottery

The right to participate in the Lottery have those who have completed the 18th year of age. Employees of the "REACT GREECE" Organization and their first and second degree relatives and their spouses are excluded from the lottery. For those who have not completed the 18th year of age, participation is possible only in the presence of the person exercising parental responsibility for providing consent for participation and for receiving the gift in case there are winners.

The participation in the Lottery through the electronic distribution presupposes the registration on the website of the lottery and at least the donation of an amount of twenty euros (20 €) for the acquisition of the respective lottery which will be sent to the e-mail address declared by the donor. The donor is entitled to donate any amount multiple of twenty euros (20 €) in order to obtain corresponding draws. 


C. Lottery Gifts Lottery

prizes amount to twenty-eight [28] and are all offers from companies, sponsors of the organization  discounted or donations -, in particular, and are not exchanged or can be requested to be replaced by another product of the donor company or their redemption in money. The list of gifts and their value is available on the organization's website www.react-eu.org

"REACT GREECE" does not bear any responsibility for anything related to the above prizes, except for delivery to the winner. Gifts to be delivered under these terms are provided in the condition in which they are and are, excluding the application of the seller liability provisions or other provisions establishing liability in respect of actual defects, agreed qualities, etc., against the Organization. Also, in no case is the Organization liable for any direct or indirect damages, expenses and expenses that may arise from any interruption, malfunction or delay or any other reason related to the Lottery gift. Furthermore, the Organization does not bear any responsibility, criminal or civil, to any winner or third party, for any accident that occurred and / or damage and / or bodily or material damage caused to them directly or indirectly related to the prize or for any other reason. . The Organization is released from the obligation to deliver a gift in cases where in any way the terms of participation in the Lottery have not been complied with. 


D. Winners Information - Receipt of prizes - Registration Information

The Lottery will result in Twenty Eight [28] winners and the necessary runners-up, who will be selected after a draw that will take place on 1/02/22 at 20:00 at the offices of the organization in Moschato (Galaxidiou 2) electronically through the Lottery website. The process of announcing the winners will be shown via livestreaming on the official page of the Organization on You Tube or in another available similar platform. If for any reason it is impossible to conduct the draw on the aforementioned day and time, the Organization reserves the right to change the day and time with its prior notice.


E. Modification of Terms - Prizes

The Organization reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time, to postpone or cancel the lottery and the lottery for a reasonable cause, without any prior notice. However, it is obliged to contact the participants with the information they have stated during their donation (phone & e-mail) and to return the amount they donated to the Organization if the draw is canceled. 


F. Information of Winners - Receipt of prizes

The communication with the winners will be done through the e-mail that they will declare during the realization of their donation as well as by telephone communication from the Organization to the telephone that they also declared during the realization of their donation. In case the donor did not state the contact details, he / she must contact the Organization at info@react-eu.org 


If the winners do not respond within one month after their winning tickets draws, ie until 15/03/22 at 20:00, the Association will contact the first (1st) runner-up in order of promotion. If the first (1st) runner-up does not respond within fifteen (15) days, ie until 30/03/21 at 20:00, the Association will contact the next runner-up. In case communication is not possible with any of the runners-up within a period of one month (30 days), then the Prize will be CANCELED.  


During the electronic communication, the lucky person will be asked for his full details (name, mobile phone number) for the possibility of verifying the identity upon delivery of the Gift, as well as the demonstration of my lottery received in his e-mail.


Winners, at any stage, including the delivery and receipt of the prize, may be excluded for the following reasons: (a) in the event that, for any reason, they do not fully accept these terms in their entirety, which are all considered (b) in the event that his participation does not meet any of the terms hereof, (c) in the event that any of the information provided is false, (d) in the event that his participation constitutes, in the judgment of Rally UP & the Agency itself a product of illegal technical influence on the Rally UP systems or in general fraud or improper interference of the participant or third party, (e) in case, for any reason does not sign the relevant declaration of acceptance and acceptance of a gift, (f) in case of non-availability of the necessary documents for the transfer of ownership of gifts of means of transport or where a special receipt procedure is required, (g) in case of non-payment of the corresponding taxes & fees.


Upon receipt of the prize, each winner must present a government issued ID in order to verify the identity as well as the adult of their age. In case the winner has not completed the 18th year of age, the receipt of the gift is possible only in the presence of the person exercising parental responsibility for the provision of consent. Alternatively there is the possibility of sending the Prizes to the winner's address, except for the 1st and 2nd prize which will necessarily be done in person. The winner assumes sole responsibility and timely planning for the arrangement of the above withdrawal details of his prize.

The prizes will be received by the winners from a point indicated by the Organization on the day of their promotion.


*The 1st Prize , the  Apartment in Athens, is under construction and being built by GREEN PROPERTIES DEVELOPMENT, and scheduled to be delivered by end of '23 which might change based on progress. 

*The 2nd Prize, the MERCEDES-BENZ EQA250, PREMIUM PACKAGE, will be MADE TO ORDER through our supporter "LAMDA STAR" to the winner's color of liking, and will be delivered to the organization in 3 months time. Any changes in the delivery time will be communicated with the winner. 

* The 1st and 2nd prizes require registration to the winner through the authorized government office. All registration fees and expenses MUST be covered by the winner. 


The Organization is released from the obligation to deliver a prize in cases where in any way the terms of participation in the Lottery have not been complied with.


The Organization, in the context of this Lottery, reserves the right, for reasons of transparency, to announce the names and to publish photos, audio performances and recordings of the winners on its Websites, in any of its publications, sites, etc., as well as to make a promotion. any relevant event, such as the use of the prize, etc., without the right to remuneration and / or compensation of the winner.   

Each participant in the Lottery, unconditionally agrees to the above, without the payment of any fee or compensation. Without prejudice to the above, the refusal of the winner to participate in a relevant promotion, or other announcement or refusal to include his name in entries, if called for this, legitimizes the Organization to refuse the relevant Prize, or to withdraw it.


Personal Data

The participant by registering on the electronic lottery platform for the Lottery provides the Organization with the unconditional and explicit permission and consent for the use and processing of personal data concerning him for the purposes of the lottery and of the organism. 

As for the lottery winners and any runners-up, the Agency informs that it will process their personal data, which it will collect from them, in order to inform them and publish the results of the lottery, according to the specifics. defined in these Terms, as well as the implementation of all necessary actions for the delivery of gifts.